People often ask me... I got started as a writer.

I think my path to becoming a writer started early with my mother and father. My dad was an avid reader of newspapers. At the farm we received three or four newspaper, two local papers and one regional daily, as well as a weekly news magazine. My mom was an avid reader of books, mostly fiction but she read whatever she could. I have many memories of my parents reading in the midst of the chaos of raising seven kids on the farm.

I did my first serious writing on the high school newspaper and later on college newspapers at Northern and UM. Most of my writing has been for newspapers, reporting and commentary. I have written a few short stories, none of which have been published.

I started Forsaken because I have been fascinated for years by the question of, "Are we alone in the universe?"

I wanted to explore what would happen if the possibility was raised that, in fact, we are the only intelligent species in the universe. How would that affect our view of religion, of society, and of our view of the environment.

With this premise I started writing forsaken and it evolved into an action-packed adventure that tries to weave into it all of the big questions.

The sequel to Forsaken will take some of these issues to a higher level.


...what I do when I am not writing.

I usually write in the morning, trying to get at least four hours of interupted time. I spend quiet a bit of time on research and try to have all the pertinent facts well researched before I sit down in front of the computer.


I am still very active in the Castle Rock, CO, communtiy. I belong to a local Rotary club and I am on the board of a local land trust, the Douglas Land Conservancy.


I also enjoy riding my bicycle. I have completed many week-long bicycle tours, including tours in Colorado, New Mexico, France and Italy. One long-term goal is to ride, in one outing, from Canado to Mexico through the Rocky Mountain states on a road or touring bicycle.


I enjoy gardening and make some great pickles.


I also enjoy some television, mostly news or documentary shows or crime dramas. About the only sports I watch are the local (Denver) teams or things like the World Series or Super Bowl.


Sept. 28, 2020 -- Forgotten: A Stepping Stone to the Stars, has won Second Place in the 2020 CIPA EVVY Awards for Science Fiction. The announcement was made Sept. 10 via a Zoom virtual awards ceremony. "Forgotten" is now for sale on this website or online at, and You can find all my books by typing in the title and  "Richard D. Bangs" in the search box. I also have books on hand that I can mail or deliver if near my home in the Denver area. "Forgotten" is my third novel in the sci-fi trilogy, "Forsaken." This third novel will wrap up the adventures of Jarrod McKinley in his search for extraterrestrial life that I started with "Forsaken: Searching for God's Fingerprints," and continued with "Forgiven: Finding a Path Home." "Forsaken" was published in 2011, "Forgiven" in 2016. 

Kirkus review is positive for Forgiven. Click on "News" above to see the details.

Blue Ink Reviews says Forgotten is "captivating." See the full review by clicking the "News" link above.

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Forsaken, Forgiven, and Forgotten are available in paperback and e-books. 


Sales locations for the "Forsaken" trilogy. 


Forsaken and Forgotten can be ordered from this website at a discount or  online at They, along with Forgiven, also can be ordered online at The Tattered Cover in Denver, The Boulder Book Store and at Barnes & Noble and


Autographed copies are available by contacting the author via this Website or


FREE!!  Get chapter 1 of Forsaken here.


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Read my Forsaken blog. I will be exploring some ideas I used in the sequel to Forsaken and will start exploring what I want to look at in the third book in this series.



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