Readers praise the fast-moving action in Forsaken

"It's been a long time since I read a good SciFi book. Now I'm hooked again. Who do you think will play Laura in the movie?"


“Thank you for the book. I loved it. It was nice to be reminded how indestructible northern Montana farm boys can be while I was recovering from surgery.”


"Rich, Just finished reading your book this morning as I started it last night. It really is a great story and hard to put down. I liked it a lot and am looking forward to the sequel.”


“Read the book. For a person like me that is not a sci-fi fan, it was a good read - plenty of action to keep one turning the page. Enjoyed the references to Montana and Australia. I'm surprised that Jarrod didn't ride a bike to stay in shape! Romantic bit was pretty tame, but I figure you have to keep that under control or Susan might start asking questions. Will look forward to the sequel. I passed the book on to the Book Swap here last Thursday, so it will be making the rounds of the expat community in Lesotho (Africa).”


"Rich -- I thoroughly enjoyed your book. What serendipity that it came out the same week SETI announced additional funding... good job on that, by the way. If you'll message me an email address and if you're interested, I'll write a fuller critique. But be assured I had fun reading a genre I haven't read since Frank Herbert's Dune was new."

Bill W.



Kirkus review of Forgiven is positive


Kirkus Reviews, a nationally recognized book review company has given a positive review to Forgiven: Finding a path home. The summation of the review reads, " An applealing fictionalization of the mysteries surrounding humanity's deisre to communicate with aliens." -- Kirkus Reivews.


This is great news and I hope will lead to some recognition and publicity for my sequel to Forsaken, perhaps it will give Forsaken some late-coming recognition.


To read the entire review of Forgiven, follow this link:



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