My Current Project: Third in a series following Forsaken and Forgiven

The sequel to Forsaken has been out now for about three years. My next project is the third book in this series, (working title is Forgotten) now has seven complete chapters and about 30,000 words. The writing is going slow. I got a good start last winter season but with the spring came travel, biking and other distractions. I'm hoping to get the first draft of the manuscript done this winter season.

Forgotten will continue the saga of my hero Jarrod McKinley being asked undertake another adventure in the attempt to make Earth's first contact with aliens a success.

Many of the characters we met in the first two books will reappear. There are a few new villans and some characters from the aliens.

I did more to explore the BIG question, Are We Alone in the Universe?, and am stretching my imagination in this new work.

The action in "Forgotten" takes place in Australia, all around the Earth and on newly explored planet in the Galaxy.